The sofa has arrived and I am in heaven!

As some of you may know, we ordered a sofa from a place called Room Service in the States.  The cost of shipping to Canada was ridiculous so I signed up for delivery to Ship Happens (in Sumas) and had the sofa delivered to same.  I was a little nervous about ordering from the states and how the actual delivery would take place.  But it was easy peasy!

Last week Room Service notified me that the sofa was on its way.  They gave me a tracking number and told me to call the delivery company in order to obtain a delivery date.  When I called the delivery company, they estimated the sofa would arrive at Ship Happens on the following Tuesday (yesterday).  And when I received an email from Ship Happens yesterday, advising the sofa had arrived, I was thrilled!

We rented a van from Uhaul this afternoon, hopped across the border, paid the HST and voila…the sofa arrived safe and sound.  All told, the sofa was cheaper with delivery, HST and rental, than anything we looked at up here.

We unwrapped the sofa from the vast amounts of cardboard, plastic wrap and foam with great anticipation.  Remember, we picked the color/fabric based on a teeny tiny sample AND, we had never actual viewed the sofa in person.  When the wrapping fell away, we were both a little shocked at the size.  Although we customized it (so rather than the typical 10 feet in length, we ordered a 7 foot length – thank goodness!) we really had no idea what the depth would look like, despite laying out the measurements on the floor prior to ordering.  The sofa is literally the depth of a twin bed and can easily seat 4 people.  With the addition of a few pillows (stolen from the sectional in the den), I am currently curled up on this little slice of heaven and wishing I never had to leave.  Seriously…the best sofa in all of the land.  You should come see it for yourselves!

FabricLand has a massive sale this weekend so I am hoping to find some material for pillows and sweet talk my mom!

My new favorite spot in the house.

With the fire to my right and a glass of wine in hand, winter nights will be fabulous.

I apologize for the horrible pictures – taken with the iPhone – but you get the gist.  Lovely, isn’t it?


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